(Cancelled) [31 May 2024] Land Administration Course (Understanding Singapore’s Land Administration Policies & Practices)



The course is designed to share the instructor's extensive knowledge and expertise acquired over more than 26 years of experience in Government alienating, acquiring, leasing, and managing State land and property.

You will gain comprehensive insights into Singapore’s land administration covering essential aspects of policy and practice. Topics such as lease tenure, State title classifications, land alienation, remnant land sales, lease renewal and extension, pricing mechanisms including development charges and differential premiums, as well as the leasehold table, will be thoroughly explained and discussed. You will understand the underlying rationale behind these policies and the processes involved. Engaging case studies and illustrative examples will enrich your understanding of these concepts and policies.

The general knowledge gained will enhance your competency, professionalism and value as a real estate practitioner. Notwithstanding whether you are a staff in a real estate company, consultant, agent or investor in Singapore or anywhere in the world, understanding of basic land policy and practice would be useful. You will become savvier in the property market, know how to optimise outcomes in your land dealings and/or simply benefit from useful basic “101” land knowledge.


General Topics

·           Allocation of State Land

·           Compulsory Land Acquisition

·           Vesting and Forfeiture

·           Alienation of State Land

·           Lifting of title restriction

·           Lease Renewal and Extension

·           Interim use of State Land    


 Learning Outcomes

·   Better appreciate the land policies and practices in Singapore.

·    Gain a deeper understanding of the land regulatory framework.

·     Able to apply the knowledge gain to benefit your work and realise better value and outcomes for your land and property assets.


Target Audience

The course is designed for anyone who would like to gain relevant knowledge and understanding of Singapore’s land administration laws, policies and practices. In particular, the course will benefit land and property owners/ investors, real estate practitioners (lawyers, architects, property consultants), property agents and anyone (users of land and buildings) who simply want to gain useful and valuable knowledge about Singapore’s land administration. 



John Gaw has more than 39 years of land and property experience and expertise, mainly in State land and property administration with the former Land Office and subsequently with the Singapore Land Authority.

He held different appointments within the Authority as Deputy Commissioner of Lands, Director (Land Resource Group), Director (Land Data) and Chief Data Officer. He has good knowledge and understanding of land work and land issues, as well as the thinking and rationale behind the many land policies. He was the CEO of REDAS from Mar 2019 until May 2023.


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Ticket Information

REDAS Members

REDAS Members

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Non- REDAS Members

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Event Start Date May 31, 2024 09:30 AM
Event End Date May 31, 2024 12:30 PM
Registration Is Open Until May 30, 2024 06:33 PM
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